EHFG 2023: Health systems in crisis

Countering shockwaves and fatigue

Health systems in Europe were facing significant problems pre-COVID, from underfunded primary and social care to workforce shortages and inequities in access to care, while addressing growing challenges such as ageing populations and the rise in non-communicable diseases. The ensuing permacrisis - including an ongoing pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the cost-of-living crisis, and the climate emergency - have only exacerbated the situation, stretching health systems, and in particular the health and care workforce, to their limits. Many workers have lost their lives, while others have suffered fatigue, exhaustion, and burnout.

Join us at the hybrid EHFG 2023 from 26 - 29 September to discuss how to ride out the current shockwaves and explore how crises can help catalyse the development of new approaches to health system problems. Together, let's co-create long-term sustainable solutions that support health and well-being!

EHFG2023 Cover Photo