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S15 - Accelerating the path to digitally-enabled integrated care

Sharing best practice for health system transformation in Joint Action JADECARE

Session description

An ageing population, with the growing burden of chronic conditions and multimorbidity, is steadily increasing the demand for a more extended and efficient care and a more intelligent outcome-based delivery of personalised care. Despite the devastating consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, a great opportunity has also arisen that can drive the reform of health systems to become high-performing, effective, equitable, accessible, and sustainable organisations. However, the journey of care delivery transformation in Europe is just beginning.In this context, the European Commission funded JOINT ACTION ON IMPLEMENTATION OF DIGITALLY ENABLED INTEGRATED PERSON-CENTRED CARE (JADECARE) has reinforced the capacity of health authorities to successfully address important aspects of health system transformation, and supported the sharing of best practice to new regions.

Speakers in this session

Calleja, Paloma
Calleja, PalomaHead of Service of the Subdirectorate of Quality of Care
Sagardui, Gotzone
Sagardui, GotzoneGovernment of the Basque Country
Szócska, Miklós
Szócska, MiklósSemmelweis University
Kull, Mart
Kull, MartViljandi Hospital
Plomariti, Christina
Plomariti, ChristinaAristotle University of Thessaloniki
Zaletel, Jelka
Zaletel, JelkaNational Institute of Public Health
van Ginneken, Ewout
van Ginneken, EwoutEuropean Observatory on Health Systems and Policies